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PictureCo Video Wins!

Innovation Forum video production partner PictureCo is delighted to to have been awarded Best Science, Technology & Education Video Production Agency 2021

in the Greater London Enterprise Awards.

Lovely though it is to be able to boast, what really matters here is, how can this help you?

Of course, we can - and would love to - help by making films and social media video for you to communicate your initiative and help raise its profile, along with those of your personnel or organisation, but a different thought occurred to me. Here is a quote from the email telling us we’d won: “ .. our panel consider how each applicant demonstrates the commitment, industry expertise, and innovation required to succeed within their highly specialised industry.”

How many of you operate in a highly specialised industry? With commitment and innovation? PictureCo is good, better than good, but are we truly the best? Or just the best entered in that category? There are many different awards out there in the world (which I can attest to, having filmed at many award ceremonies!) That means a lot of winners, and a lot of PR.

So if you need video or even a full PR service which we offer though a specialised multi-lingual bio-science partner agency, please get in contact.

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